BCH is a fully mutual housing co-operative registered as an Industrial and Provident Society with the registrar of friendly societies.  As a fully mutual co-op all members are tenants or prospective tenants and all tenants must be members.  BCH is also a co-operative housing society within the meaning of the housing association act 1985. BCH has been housing predominantly single homeless people in the London borough of Brent since 1984.  The co-operative was established because of the difficulties experienced by single people securing access to affordable housing.  Our membership is open to all people over the age of 18 years or are willing to work jointly with others to achieve the co-operative’s aims.  [Please see our mission statement]

The co-operative is managed by an elected management committee (MC), of up to 20 members.  The MC is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (GM).  General Meeting are held quarterly to decide strategy, approve the annual budget and housing policy and discuss issues related to membership and service provision.  The MC meets every month to oversee the running of the co-op.  Sub-committees also meet regularly to focus on particular areas of the co-ops activities and make recommendations to the MC. 

The co-operative staff team provide advice and support to the MC and sub-committees and ensure smooth day to day running of the organisation.  BCH employs a Manager, a housing officer, a finance officer and an administrator.  BCH’s property historically has come via managing short life properties, licensed to us by Brent Council, London & Quadrant, Circle 33 and other similar housing associations.  The co-op is hoping to gradually increase the number of permanent properties available to its membership.  BCH also has been involved in the management of properties on behalf of providers.