Brent Community Housing Ltd is a fully mutual housing co-operative registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 and amongst whose objects is the provision of accommodation for single people in housing need.

The aim of the Co-operative is to work towards ending the problem of single homelessness and provide affordable homes in London by:

1. providing accommodation on the basis of our status as a fully mutual co-operative for homeless people who do not fall into the priority groups used by the local authority;

2. vigorously pursuing the prospect of more secure accommodation and housing for all members who are interested;

3. working with the local authorities, housing associations and other bodies in co-ordinating the use of empty housing stock within the area;

4. creating a sense of community and self-reliance amongst those who join BCH, partly by direct involvement with the group’s democratic management, and partly by undertaking the renovation of shortlife properties;

5. providing housing appropriate to all single people regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.